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Nova Display Systems - Minimalistic Design Approach

Minimalist Design Approach ...

Simplicity and functionality are the two parallel components of minimalist design concept. Minimalist design simplifies and purifies the content to reveal the essential quality and functionality of the product. The minimal design approach removes clutter and brings out the best with the minimal usage of materials. Nova Display will always follow the philosophy of minimalist design approach throughout its designs or product selection.

Nova Display Systems - Versatility & Modularity

Versatility & Modularity ...

Most of our display systems and products offer a high range of versatility and modularity. They are well designed, precision engineered, and manufactured to allow for numerous styles, and flexibility. Modular functionality ensures that products are designed, and built for easily displaying messages, and product updates. Therefore, helping to extend the life of the solution.

These are the highlights that best describe our systems:
• Easy To Use
• Re-configurable
• Quick Assembly
• Lightweight
• Versatile
• Functional

Nova Display Systems - Low-Impact products

Low-Impact products ...

We assess our display systems and products starting from the planning and design stages to ensure that they are efficient, recyclable, and have a low-impact on environment.

These are the few strategies that we always strive to implement and innovate:
• Sleek Minimal Design - maximizing material usage by reducing waste and overbuilding
• Material Selection - mixing traditional and modern materials to achieve elegance and practicality
• Manufacturing Efficiency - looking for innovative methods to reduce manufacturing costs and enable high-quality finished products
• Longevity - using high-grade materials to ensure product quality and longevity

Nova Display Systems - Reclaim & Recycle

Reclaim / Recycle ...

All of our display systems are fabricated from non-ferrous recycling metals such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, and Copper Alloys. With close to 100% recyclable content, these metals can be repeatedly recycled back into similar or other products with no loss of quality, as reprocessing does not damage their molecular structure. Nova Display understands the importance of environmental well-being and will take every step to contribute to more environmentally friendly surroundings.

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