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  Signware Products - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware - Butterfly Clips & Mounts
Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware - Butterfly Clips & Mounts
Spider Anchors - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Spider Anchors
Safe, strong, and simple ceiling anchors that are transparent to match any standard 1” grid. Hang signs parallel, perpendicular and 45 degrees to ceiling grid. Work with cable, ball chain, and other softhooks... [more details]
Butterfly Clips - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Butterfly Clips & Mounts
Secure, easy-on/easy-off ceiling anchors for grid and non-grid ceilings. Multiple versions accommodate a variety of hooks, cables, and connectors. Attaches and detaches quickly and easily. White color matches most ceilings... [more details]
Cable Clips, Window & Wall Mounts - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Cable Clips, Window & Wall Mounts
A variety of cable clips, wall and window hangers for use with our graphic holders and poster frames. Use to securely suspend graphics from ceiling or mount them directly to wall or window... [more details]
Softhook Cables & Ball Chain - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Cables, Ball Chain & Softhooks
Multiple cable and softhook options ensure you find the look you want from cable and saucer to ball chain. Compatible with Softhook Spider Anchors and Butterfly Clips. Crimp Sleeves allow you to decide the length of cable at each of your locations... [more details]
Specialty Display Hooks - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Display & Specialty Hooks
Affordable hanging solutions to display multiple objects. Made of galvanized steel, specialty hooks are reusable and durable. Available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. Offer strength and flexibility... [more details]
Ceiling & Grid Specialty Anchors - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Ceiling & Grid Specialty Anchors

Easy-to-use solutions for hanging from open truss, grid, drywall, or plasterboard ceilings. Perfect for hanging signage from drywall or plaster ceilings without the need for screws... [more details]

Magnetic Supports - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Magnetic Supports
Strong and reliable magnets that hold firmly to most ferrous metal surfaces, ceilings, and wall structures. Magnets have holding power that won’t let you down, and won’t damage surfaces... [more details]
Finishing Components & Accessories - Specialty Anchors & Hanging Hardware
Finishing Components & Accessories

More compatible finishing components and accessories that can help you to complete and refine your project. Compatible with our most graphic holders and poster frames... [more details]

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