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Nova Display Systems - Display Products & Accessories

Display Products & Signage Solutions by Applications ...

We offer display and signage solutions suitable for a variety of applications. These are simple and effective ways to display posters, photos, prints, paintings, graphic panels, brochures, products, merchandise, signage, decorative items, and much more. They are practical, elegant and inexpensive solutions that can demand attention and help generate business. They are perfect for creating quality and attractive displays and signage for corporate offices, institutions, retail outlets, receptions, lobbies, corridors, showrooms, conference rooms, etc. All of our display solutions offer modularity and can be easily re-configured to adapt to any information changes or display needs.

Illuminated Poster Frames & Graphic Displays
LED Illuminated Displays

The LED lit displays are sleek, efficient and flawlessly illuminated and will transform any office, window, lobby, or hallway. It guarantees an even spread of light, with no dark shadow appearances, ensuring that your graphic is crisp and bright... [more details]

Poster & Graphic Displays
Poster & Graphic Displays

A variety of wall mounted and suspended display solutions for framing and displaying posters, prints, photographs, fine art reproductions, and other graphic presentations. They are easy to assemble and adapt as your needs change... [more details]

Literature & Product Displays
Literature & Product Displays

An elegant and practical display equipment for displaying literature, product glass shelving, product showcases, collectibles and other specialty products. Posters, signage and lighting can be also integrated into these displays... [more details]

Art & Picture Hanging Displays
Art & Picture Hanging Displays

A stylish hanging system that consist of horizontal rails, either wall or ceiling mounted, and a series of vertical cable/rod suspensions with adjustable fittings to support pictures, artwork, photos and graphics... [more details]

Signage & Office Directories
Signage & Office Directories

Suspended, wall mounted, or free-standing facility signs and directories that are modular and customizable. From large directory boards and maps, to small plaques and desktop nameplates, we will create a complete system to meet your design, function, and budget... [more details]

Display Stands & Exhibits
Display Stands & Exhibits

Quality, pre-fabricated and custom fabricated display stands, counters, reception desks, kiosks, furniture, partition walls, and exhibit booths – suitable for both temporary or permanent projects... [more details]


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