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  Illuminated Poster Frames & Graphic Displays - Ultra Bright LED Light Pockets  
LED Light Pocket - Ultra Bright LED Light Pockets Suspended on Cables - LED Illuminated Window Poster Frames
Cable Suspended LED Light Pockets
Ultra Bright LED Light Pockets are the newest addition to our poster and graphic display solutions for windows and office interiors. They are incredibly bright and will make your window stand out, maximizing your display space and drawing more attention from potential buyers... [more details]
Xtralite LED Light Boxes for Window Displays - LED Illuminated Poster Frames & Light Boxes
Cable/Rod Suspended Edge-Lit Poster Displays
XTRALITE is the slimmest commercially available "light box" powered by low-voltage and no visible power feed. Low voltage current passes through the cables or rods and lights two high-power output LED strips at top and bottom of the panel... [more details]
Low-Voltage Cable/Rod Lighted Poster Displays - Illuminated Posters & Graphics
Cable/Rod Suspended Front-Lit Poster Displays

Cable/Rod low-voltage lighting are available in various configurations. They are a simple and effective way to illuminated suspended poster displays and graphics... [more details]

LED Lightbox with Snap Aluminum Rails for Poster Displays - Illuminated Posters & Graphics
LED Lightbox with Snap Aluminum Rails
Illuminated poster and graphic frames with ultra-thin aluminum profiling and spring-less snap rails for easy graphic change. Advanced edge-lit LED components ensure maximum brightness and even illumination with no dark or hot spots... [more details]
Ultra Bright & Even Spread of Light - LED light used to manufacture these displays are extremely bright. It guarantees an even spread of light, with no dark shadow appearances, ensuring that your graphic is crisp and punchy.
Upscale Appearance - The LED illuminated displays are sleek, efficient, frame-less and flawlessly illuminated and will transform any office, window, lobby, or hallway. They have a very upmarket appearance and yet are competitively priced.
Easy Graphic Change & Install - Posters and graphics can be changed within seconds. All cable suspended LED lit displays are supplied as a kit, complete with small AC power supply (no large transformers to hide), cable fittings, power connectors, and the acrylic led/frames with cable supports pre-attached.
High Energy Efficiency - The LED illuminated displays use a fraction of electricity compared with standard light boxes. Conductive hanging system eliminates unsightly hanging power cords, for a cleaner look and simpler installation - displays are suspended from almost invisible low voltage powered cables which are fitted between floor and ceiling. Power is supplied directly though the cables.

Maintenance Free - Lamp life is between 50-60,000 hours without need to change lamps or tubes, saving time and money.

Type of Graphics - Can be used with paper with a white back up to 135 gsm. For the best results use translucent back-lit film substrates printed on ink-jet printer. A good contrast of colors will create the best result.

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