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  6.0mm (1/4" Dia.) Rod Display System
6.0mm (1/4" Dia.) Rod Display System
Wall Mounted Supports for Signage / Premium Quality Sign Supports
Wall Mounted Modular Sign Supports

A durable and modular sign support system that enables unlimited design possibilities and mounting flexibility. Perfect solution for mounting signs, architectural plaques, logo panels, directories, etc. Components are interchangeable and highly customizable... [more details]

Standoffs & Spacers for Glass & Acrylic Panels - Quality and inexpensive through standoffs
Sign & Panel Standoff Supports & Spacers
Quality, inexpensive and heavy-duty constructed standoffs for mounting signs and panels. Made from high quality solid aluminum, brass or stainless steel alloys. Supplied as two or three-part standoff sets with vinyl washers to protect the glass surface... [more details]
Security Locking Standoffs - Panel and sign standoff supports with a tamper proof security feature.
Security Locking Standoffs
We introduced a new series of panel and sign standoff supports with tamper proof security feature. The locking set screw on the base of the spacer provides an excellent way to secure the front caps, therefore locking the panel in place... [more details]
Decorative Screw Cap Supports / Panel Spacers
Decorative Screw Cap Supports / Panel Spacers
We offer screw cap supports used for flush mounting of display panels, signage, or other finishing substrates. A special design allows these screw-in caps to give your application a flush mounted clean look... [more details]
Projecting Supports for Vertical Panels & Shelves
Projecting Supports for Vertical Panels & Shelves
Extensive range of panel and shelving mounting fittings allow you to create perfectly mounted projecting signage that will communicate your message or service clearly. Fit straight to the walls or overhang. Use with acrylic, glass, wood or metal substrates... [more details]
Panel Edge Grips for Signs & Wall Directories
Edge Grip Supports for Panels
Edge grip panel supports are ideal for applications that require interchangeable flexibility. They are great for mounting identification and directional signage, corporate displays and donor recognition wall plaques in lobbies, receptions, showrooms, exhibits... [more details]
Aluminum Rod Support System for Signage
Aluminum Rod Support System for Signage
Attractive and affordable rod support system. The 10mm diameter aluminum rods and applicable fittings can be used to create high-end overhead signage, informational and directional signs projecting from wall, wall mounted graphics, or banner presentations... [more details]
Desk-top Standoffs & Pins
Desk-top Standoffs & Pins

We supply a variety of hardware such as desktop standoffs and pins for use with desk top easel sign systems to hold counter and table top signs. Supplied with vinyl washers and work great with most types of substratess... [more details]

Simplicity & Functionality - A very practical concept that offers an infinite variety of display mounting options. Uses quality hardware components available in numerous finishes. Ideal for mounting of indoor or outdoor display panels, architectural signs, directional and informational signage, company directories, and other decorative applications. With such high-end hardware signs are sure to get notice. Clearly communicate your message or service at a higher level.
Various Finishes - Fittings are made of high-grade aluminum, solid brass, or stainless steel for durability. They are supplied in a range of top quality finishes such as clear anodized, satin chrome, warm chrome (nickel), polished chrome, and satin brushed stainless steel.
Flexibility & Creativity - Flexible to meet all your requirements. Supports of any shape, height or diameter can be combined to create the desired effect, such as multi-layering or double-depth designs. Make a strong design statement to get your business noticed.

Effectiveness & Harmony - A continuity among all parts. Harmony is achieved with a consistent approach to setting, color, material, finish and form.

Quality Service - Fast, efficient service, allowing you to get on with your business.
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