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Aluminum Modular Display System - Installation Accessories - Connectors & Hinges

The Aluminum Modular System includes a variety of connectors such as standard CBX connectors, in-line horizontal/vertical connectors, miter connectors, hinges, and decorative nodes. They ensure quick and easy assembly of structures and enable for greater flexibility in design.

Extrusions Overview
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Modular Systems

REPLACEMENT CONNECTOR - CBX Series Connectors for Horizontal Extrusions. Supplied with a M10 screw. (*5mm Hex Key).

TR 45
PH 1005, PH 1038, PH 1045, PH 1003B
PH 1028, PH 1035
CBX 41 / 320 41
CBX 42 / 320 42
CBX 35 / 320 35
Modular Systems

INLINE CONNECTOR - For use with PH Horizontal Series. Supplied with two M6 x 12 screw.

PH 1005, PH 1038, PH 1045, PH 1003B
PH 1028, PH 1035
ACS-645 105
ACS-645 127
Modular Systems

MITER CONNECTOR - Channel Sided Connectors for use with PH Horizontal Extrusion Series. Supplied with two M5 x 10 screws (DIN912). * Requires drilling of extrusion.

PH 1005, PH 1038, PH 1045, PH 1003B
PH 1028, PH 1035
ACS-290 42 F10
ACS-290 35 F10
Modular Systems

SMALL REVERSIBLE HINGE - Includes two half hinges (one hinge milled for connecting to a vertical or horizontal extrusion), a hinge pin and related screws. (*3mm Hex Key).

TR Series, PX Series, PH Series
ACS-253 01
Modular Systems

MR SERIES ROUND NODE - For MR Extrusion Series. Powder Coated Black.

MR Series
ACS-408 MR
Modular Systems

VS 45 SQUARE NODE - For VS45 Extrusion. Powder Coated Black.

VS 45
ACS-408 VS45
Modular Systems

TR SERIES ROUND NODE - For TR Extrusion Series. Powder Coated Black.

TR Series
ACS-408 TR
Modular Systems

VS 76 SQUARE NODE - For VS76 Extrusion. Powder Coated Black.

VS 76
ACS-408 VS76
Modular Systems

VR 76 ROUND NODE - For VR76 Extrusion. Powder Coated Black.

VR 76
ACS-408 VR76

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